January 4, 2024
Radio Live
WUWF - Pensacola

Had a fantastic time playing for this amazing audience. They made me feel quite welcome after an 18 year hiatus.

Here you can watch my whole performance, or watch individual songs. Please feel free to share


Over the years of not touring, Kim has had the priviledge of attending and performing at the annual event called DayFest. In 2019 there was a recording that here is a link to that recording where Kim performed.

in 2009, Kim and Micheal Hsu had a brief reunion and played at his wedding.One of his requested songs was White Rabbit. VIdeo captured by phone.

In 2002, Kim played at the Kennedy Center in Washinton DC as 1 of 3 Indie-Grrl performers. She was joined by Rachel Cross and Mary Sue Twohy. Here is one of the songs she performed there.