Kim Buchanan
Illusions (Not Your Mama's Folk Records)

Kim Buchanan
Illusions (Not Your Mama*s Folk Records)

Kim Buchanan may be a wholesome- looking mother of two, but she must have had an interesting past because she's really into mystic karma, hippie trippy, floating musical moods. (She even covers Grace Slick's "White Rabbit.") Most of these 14 tracks are dreamy, wondering folk music with straightforward lyrics sung in her pure, mother-earthy voice. "What prophet ever said 'Treat the women second rate,' I hope he'll burn forever with his hate," she croons bluntly in "See Me." In one of the CD's funnier moments, she teams up with daughters Casey and Ashley on "Dress Code" to parody what must have been a memo straight out of the kids' high school. ("Your undergarments are not to be visible... unless you're a cheerleader!") Scattered throughout are instrumental interludes, including a breathtaking percussion solo and a meditative melody with spiritual minor chords. The lush arrangements include flutes and violins, and sometimes she makes the guitar sound like a sitar. Triangle fans that packed her shows after the release of her first CD will be deliriously happy when they hear this one. -- Jennifer Layton


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