See Me

Written by Kim Buchanan


I look into your eyes & all I can see
Is the person that you really want me to be
But when you look at me why can't you see
That All I want to be is completely free
Oh, all I want to be is completely free

I'm really feeling trapped inside this circle
The one that turns me round & upside down
What prophet ever said
“treat the women second rate”
I hope he'll burn forever with his hate
Burn forever deep within your hell


I might want to live my life in deep seclusion
Or climb the highest mountain way above
Don't try to classify me as you want me
But buckle up and feel me as I am
Buckle up & feel me as I am
(It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!)

It's not that we don't love you 'cause we do
We're just tired of the crap
you've put us through!
Don't expect that things will carry on this way
Your father's may be turning in their graves
Old men will be turning in their graves

Kim - vocal/guitar/bass

Michael - Violin

Jubal - percussion



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