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It's a  family affair -
Singer's family also includes long lost musical twin

by Noreen Lewis Cochran

For one singer-songwriter, the music business is a family affair.

"It's a real soothing energy I get from him," Kim Buchanan said of her artist husband George. "My music motivates him, and his art motivates me."

George Buchanan's artwork graces the cover of Ms. Buchanan's new CD "Illusions" Their 13 year old daughter Casey plays flute on one composition.

"Like any child, it took nine months to create from start to finish," Ms. Buchanan said. "It was a labor of love."

On Sept. 21, Ms. Buchanan brings her show from her home in North Carolina to the Java House in Conyers.

"It's such a sweet little place, and I love what Shelley's done with it," Ms. Buchanan said. " It's a listening room. It's a very intimate environment, and she makes you feel very welcome."

Her show Saturday will be shared with Rachel Cross, a former member of Washington DC - based world music group Big Village. The two women met on the campus music circuit. "We gravitated toward each other, and our energy levels were the same."

They became best friends, Ms. Buchanan said, and the two physically dissimilar performers felt like twins that were separated, then reunited by life. They will join each other on stage although each has separate billing. The concept, which Ms. Buchanan said is called "Songwriters in the Round" is one staple at the Java House and one Md. Buchanan said she enjoys.

"When I know the artist can add something to my music, it is always a gift. That they're adding you might not have heard before. It's just fun."

Ms. Buchanan said putting her feelings into words and music gives her real satisfaction. Her creativity also finds purchase at, a website that is a combination of autobiography, resume and jokes.

The site offers sales of "Illusions" and her 1998 release "Will I Ever Know?"  recorded a year after she learned to play the guitar, her first CD received airplay in Germany, Britain, and Australia. Her first run of 1000 copies sold out.

Ms. Buchanan said she also used the CD as a calling card. Ms Buchanan's advise for singer-songwriters follows this theme of giving away a sample in order to reap greater rewards in the future. "You have to love what you do and enjoy being there and being willing to take a risk," Ms. Buchanan said.

"The Independent circuit is a lonely path. When you are open, so many more doors open for you."

Creativity and individuality are also concerns, she said. "Have fun with it and e true to yourself," Ms. Buchanan said. "Find your true voice, and if it resonates with people, it will be more rewarding for you."

Ms. Buchanan and Ms. Cross appear Saturday night at the Java House, 920 Commercial St. in Olde Towne Conyers. Showtime is 8:30, admission is $8.

For more information, visit or call (770) 92201210

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