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A tightly bottled potion of folk, pop, jazz, harmony and emotion, Kim Buchanan's performance with Greg Taylor on "Will I Ever Know" is truly a magical ride. Kim's voice resembles that of Paula Cole or Sarah McLachlan while her lyrics inspire vivid images of points in life we all know.

My personal favorite track came down to a neck and neck struggle between track number 5, Borderline Minds, and track 6, The Rain. I guess it's no surprise as both songs seem to have very similar moods or ambiance to them. After several listens to both songs I decided The Rain was my favorite, but only by a nose. The intro's on both songs do a fine job of setting the stage for what is to follow, without giving away story. In addition to just filling the empty space between my ears, The Rain really takes me to a place and I guess to me that's what makes a great song.

With well thought arrangements and a very clean recording and production, I could recommend this CD to just about anyone.

                                                                                                          Marc Stephens, Localsonline




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