Kim Buchanan ~ Bringin’ it Home (the innerview)


Bill: First off, who is Kim Buchanan?

Kim: I am a Gemini ... a true Gemini, dealing with many different tasks and identities at once. I am a mother, a wife, a homeowner with wonderful gardens to tend, a girl who enjoys playing with her dogs on warm summer days, and snuggling with her cats during the cold winter afternoons, listening to the howling winds outside, a couch potato after long days working on marketing her music.

BUT under this all is a musician who doesn't feel whole without the connection she has to her guitar and the peace music brings.

Bill: How long have you been doing this (music and online music), and how/why did you start?:

Kim: My family traveled a lot when I was a kid, and music was a huge part of our trips. We would sing, and harmonize, and I never imagined that all families weren't sharing this as well. It was really the foundation of my love for music, and a bonding experience with my family. One that we still share.
I started performing professionally at 15 as a lead singer in a heavy metal rock and roll band. The first real gig we had, was opening for ALABAMA. It was great. . . there was an audience of several thousand, and we were a high school rock and roll band. We kicked butt. The next day, there was a huge article on us, and raves on our music, and ALABAMA ended up with a small mention. I was hooked, and music helped me pay my way through college.

After I got married, I started performing with a country rock band, and although initially I thought I would not enjoy it, I had a great time, because the audiences were fantastic. Very enthusiastic listeners who loved to listen and dance to our music. Although I was having a great time, I caught the baby bug, and my husband and I decided to try for a child. I decided to perform until I was 7 months pregnant, and then I left the stage. It was a very lonely music time for me, and I had a hard time going to see live performances. I really missed the stage.

When my first child was about 6 or 7 I bought my guitar, and started teaching myself to play. To my surprise, music I had never heard started coming through my guitar, and then words also magically appeared. Within 18 months I was in the studio recording my "promo" in order to start performing again, but it turned into a Debut CD "Will I Ever Know" instead, and was picked as one of the best releases of 1998 in our region of NC.

I have only been back performing for a little over 2 years, and am having a blast. I love the feel of connecting with an audience, and sharing my music with them.

Bill: How about some of your influences?:

Kim: My music derives as much from my connection with Nature's moods and solitude, and much as any external musical influence, which include artists like Sting & Sarah McLachlan, Barbara Streisand, Heart, and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. I also think that traveling so much as a kid, especially around Europe, opened my heart and mind to so many cultures and styles that I hope I can expand the hearts and minds of my listeners.

Bill: Are there any other bands/artists that you feel you a similar to?:

Kim: I have had some folks compare me to Sarah McLachlan, but I think that is because she too likes minor chords, and has a soothing voice. Other than that I haven't really had too much comparison. I must admit, I like that. I have a unique sound that doesn't borrow from any one person or style

Bill: If you could put a genre tag on your music overall, what would it be?:

Kim: acoustic singer/songwriter adult contemporary jazzy folk pop with soul
(who really knows)

Bill: I hear you, there are so many genres now, and so much debate about this fitting in to there and that fitting in here, it is very hard to come up with a "tag." Tell me about your long term goals musically.:

Kim: I am looking forward to traveling and touring. I am just stretching out my wings for the first time really. My percussionist and I are heading to GA at the end of this month, and then in early May, we are going to be in MD, NJ, & NYC. We will be gone for close to 2 weeks.

I want to do international travel as well. I would like for my kids to experience life in other lands and with other people as well. I would definitely take them out of school and hire a tutor, but I think that an international education is one that cannot be beat.

I hope that I can continue to do my music full time, and make a decent living. One that will allow me to help my kids go to a good university, and have a quality life. I don't have the dreams of being the next big thing, but what ever fame or fortune does comes my way, I would welcome, embrace and share the experience with those who have helped me along the way.

We may form another band in the future, one that embraces other songwriters, and has a bigger sound.  That may be in the works in several months, but for now I will focus on my immediate goals.

Bill: What are some of the projects you have going on right now, and where are you headed with them.:

Kim: I am currently recording my next CD project that will be titled "Illusions." In addition to my percussionist - Jubal - and me, we are inviting some very gifted musician friends of ours to join us. I am very excited about it, and hope it will be released in the Fall. Keep your fingers crossed.

Bill: What drives you to do this? I mean is sounds like it is something you have to do.:

Kim: Playing music is not an option. I tried living with out it in my life, and I was the most unhappy I can remember - not that it was a bad time, but there was a definite void. Once I embraced music again, and opened my life to its vibrations, I have been more at peace, and less confrontational, more giving and less controlling.

I will always have to be a musician, even if I am not performing professionally and recording music. I just can't imagine my life without it.

Bill: What about before Kim Buchanan (solo)?:

Kim: I began performing again with another guitarist, and we worked together for a year or so, and then after we split I found the percussionist I had wanted for so long. While I do perform some solo gigs, for the most part, I am performing with Jubal. He is a one man percussion section, and the friendship and musical comradery is very good. I will always book my music as Kim Buchanan, whether I am performing alone or with numerous musicians.

Bill: What's your near future plans musically?:

Kim: I need to finish the recording and begin marketing it to radio and venues. I will be in a very focused mode during the summer to complete this, so touring and gigging will be put on hold. In the immediate future we are touring through May 19, so we have some miles to put on our bodies, cars and equipment.

Bill: How do you feel about the Internet and where it is going for Indie musicians?:

Kim: I cannot imagine being an independent musician without the Internet. Where else can you get international exposure and network with others who are doing what you are doing, and create that connection that independents really need. It is great for finding new venues, and building a presence.

I think that musicians do need to get paid for their art, but at the same time, I look at and other music formats on the net like airplay. In order to get airplay like I am getting online, I would have had to pay lots of money to large corporations. I hope we will always have this opportunity of exposure.

Bill: What about for fans? How do you see the future of online music affecting the way people listen to music?:

Kim: What a fantastic opportunity to get exposed to music you may have never heard! The radio stations today truly suck. They play the same songs over and over, and they are not necessarily good songs. In communities where the public stations and/or college stations don't have much power, the majority of the music gets overlooked. As a fan of music myself, I love tuning into an mp3 station and get turned on to incredible music, and am grateful for that opportunity.

Bill: What would you tell someone about your music that have never heard you to get them to go listen to it?:

Kim: As many of my fans tell me, my music helps them to relax and forget the days problems. My voice is soothing and haunting, and it takes you to a place where you can breathe deep and smell the coffee . . I mean roses.

Bill: What is your favorite Kim Buchanan Song?

Kim: Borderline minds was inspired by some of the small minded folks that live in back wood communities, who fear strangers, new ideas, and new philosophies. If we could eliminate fear, the world would know peace.

Although I also am very fond of Illusions. I think it gets to the underlying question we all have about our own lives. Who are we kidding? It was also written while I was at the beach, one of my favorite places to be in the Fall. It always takes me back there.

Bill: Who is your favorite online Indie artist/musician?

Kim: A woman named Kristen Hall. She is a songwriter out of the Atlanta area, and has incredible lyrics, and soothing songs

Bill: Well, thanks for your time Kim, and best wishes all all of your musical dreams!

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