Borderline Minds

by Kim Buchanan



This song appears on both Will I Ever Know? and Illusions. It has a special meaning to me. I truly feel that if we could disect evil to the root, we would find fear.



Break it on down,  open up your minds. 

Live without fear,  look inside or you will find,

Borderline minds, 

Borderline minds


You live with so much fear, fear of what you do not know. 

With emptiness inside, you’ll never see how life flows.

Borderline minds, 

Borderline minds



There’s so much to learn,

Leave your emptiness behind

Ignorance is bliss

But you’ll never know 

just what you’ve missed.



Different Lives, different skins, 

different loves ..... 

I hope you realize,life is sweet without the gloves

Borderline minds, 

Borderline minds




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