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Music has always been a very important part of my life. 

When I connect to music,  I feel that I am tapping into a part of my soul . . thoughts and feelings that I never knew I had, have found a means of expression, and this creates immense joy in my life. But the music itself is only half of the enjoyment. The feeling of warmth and support I have received from my audiences, fellow musicians, and folks who have had the chance to hear my music online or on radio stations throughout the world, is unequaled to anything I remember in the past.  Connecting with people that I otherwise would not have met, and in such a warm way, lifts my heart and spirit in ways I cannot describe.

It is you, part of the Global listening audience - whatever form you take - that spurs on the independent artist and musician in so many of us. Thanks, and keep listening !!!

Kim Buchanan


Buchanan released 2 Independent CDs with Not Your Mama's Folk Records & 2911 Productions Illusions, released in the spring of 2002,  is a strong follow-up to her nationally recognized debut CD Will I Ever Know? Both discs have received international airplay, and rave reviews.


" Buchanan... creates a mesmerizing aura with powerful yet restrained vocals over exotic-sounding music (the violin and flute complement her acoustic guitar nicely). While her original tunes are solid, her cover songs truly shine: You'd swear it was Grace Slick belting out White Rabbit, while Buchanan's take on The Beatles' While My Guitar Gently Weeps brings a motherly touch to the song's mournful message. "

Michael Hamersly, The Miami Herald, April 4, 2003


"Kim is one of the best singer/songwriters at inviting the audience to share her wonderful music and tales."

Robert Seiler, The Purple Onion, April 2003

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 "Kim Buchanan, a husky voiced singer-songwriter, takes her influence from Celtic sounds to psychedelia, and weaves a sort of cosmic folk. The end result is  bittersweet and a touch above the army of folkies on a similar trial."

Creative Loafing -  Charlotte NC- Oct. 2,2002


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Check out Kim's performance at the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage 
with Rachel Cross & Mary Sue Twohy

Here are some photos from Kim's performances, and tours


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