My Favorite Reviews ( From my audiences). . .

Kim Buchanan  - Folk magician transforms the mundane to sublime.
Kim Buchanan throws a little bit of everything into her musical mix- pop, jazz, and folk. Her voice has been compared to that of Sarah. But where she really shines is her original music. Buchanan has the gift of transforming the mundane into the beautiful, taking events from every day life and making something magical out of them. - Grant Britt

"Beautiful music, very mellow yet uplifting, spirited. Terrific percussionist!" ... A. Crockett

"Very enjoyable and passionate singer" ... B. Hubbard

"Lovely Voice" ... C. Magers


"You're just what I needed tonight. Thank you! ! !" ... W. Noel


"Great Music . .. We really appreciate you" ...D. & S. Baker


"Peaceful" ... M. Lee


"Wonderful Poetry ~ percussion is terrific, esp. in combo with the imaginative melodies"... P. Kaiser


"Wonderful songs! Looking forward to the new CD" ...E. Trotter


"Great Music ~ rich vocals & instruments"... E. Gleason


"Wonderful Experience!!! Enjoyed and will come again and again" ... M. Patella


"Great Music! !" ...H. Harris 


"Great" ...T. Summers


"Thanks you! Your songs have lots of thought to them! It was wonderful to listen" ...D. & S. Gonzalez


"Great show & excellent percussion" ...J. & M. Lightfoot


"Excellent sound! Powerful!" ... L. Predom


" This was my first 'Kim' concert~ I thoroughly enjoyed it! We will be here again!" ...A. Thompson.


"Bravo!" ... R. Soto


"Very Entertaining. Kim has a very nice voice, very pleasing" ... S. French-Hodges


"My favorite group on the coffeehouse circuit. Very polished, great sound" ...K. Barnhouse


"Wow! ~ What a voice!" ... B. Weaver




"Heading out to the ocean for 2 days ~ will keep your voice near." ... M. McGinley


"I very much appreciated your performance. It had alot of heart that alot of music lacks"...K. Linger




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