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3/29/2002 playlist had this to say about Illusions. . .


Kim Buchanan has appeared on Free Flight live, and "Illusions" is her second CD.  This is a lushly produced collection of songs, with violin, flute, bass, guitar, and  percussion.  It is a collection of moods, from sad to outraged to searching.  She offers versions of "White Rabbit" and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" here, as well as a few instrumental pieces.  Very nice, and quite different from a lot of what's out there.


After my on-air performance on 4/26/2002. . .

Our first of two Spring membership drive/fundraiser shows was made much more fun and immediate by a visit from Kim Buchanan, celebrating the release of her second CD, "Illusions".  The Person Co, NC resident has put out a group of thoughtful and insightful songs, whose music is influenced and informed by influences from around the world.  Backed on most songs by percussion and violin, with touches of bass and even Scott Ainslie's slide guitar on one song, it is a recording that would be comfortable in the Acoustic, World, or New Age rack at your local record store.  Kim will be hosting a CD release party on May 5th at the Six String Café in Cary, NC.  Kim played a few songs live and solo, on her new Gibson guitar, Gracie, and we also played a few from the CD.  Kim is a very articulate, aware, and amusing interview, has now played at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., and is now planning her summer gigs.  If she comes to your neighborhood, do yourself a favor and see her live.


In 2000, Jim wrote this about "Will I Ever Know" . . .
Kim Buchanan, a performing songwriter who makes her home in Person County, North Carolina, has a view that encompasses much more than her rural home base.  Her CD "Will I Ever Know?", released on her own 2911 Productions label, tackles several themes which apply to a much wider group than her Roxboro neighbors alone.

The title song, "Will I Ever Know", is a case in point.  It deals poignantly with that desire and effort of lovers to try to always know what is going through the other's mind and emotions, in spite of the obvious impossibility of the task (short of ESP).  She comes to realize this in the song:

"Why I blame myself, for your discomfort,
And I would shoulder all your pain
What keeps me in this screwed up game?
Will I ever know?"

She achieves an almost Spanish sound with her choice of minor guitar chords
and rhythms on this song.

In "This Could Be Now", she questions how much we really have changed for
the better in terms of urban quality of life, racism, and violence.

"Western lore reveals the tales
When the kids had guns and ale
To get known and gain respect
Life was cheap, who'll be shot next?

Are those days gone?
I might be wrong
But that could be now"

She uses a generally straight-ahead strumming technique on this song, which
works very well.  She also weaves in vocal harmonies which, while pretty,
take a little of the sting out of the message.

"Portraits" is generally about how our children reflect the good and the bad
in ourselves, and should be required listening for parents considering

"I've seen their happy faces
Glowing in the sun
And it warms my heart
Knowing that's a part of me
And when the anger surfaces
And bullets fly in their eyes
It really makes me shudder
Thinking, knowing that's a part of me

Seeing the reflections of our lives on their face
They are the portraits of our lives"

This song has an almost hypnotic chord and rhythm progression, and aside
from some light harmony is almost entirely her alone.

In person Kim is, if anything, more impressive than on the CD.  She has a
quality of beauty which, while undeniably present on the outside, seems even
more to radiate from within.  Watching and listening to her play her songs
solo is to get a glimpse into a soul of depth and compassion, but which does
see the world very clearly and reports accurately on it.  She also has a
quality in person of really committing to the lyric of the song she is
singing, a sort of leaning into it.

I consider myself fortunate to have had her in the WFSS studios first, and
fully expect to brag about this for some years.  Definitely someone to check

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