Reviews: Kim Buchanan ~ Illusions
Posted on Saturday, May 11 @ 20:51:20 EDT
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Artist: Kim Buchanan

CD: Illusions (Not Your Mama’s Folk Records)

Home: Hurdle Mills, NC

Style: Folk/Rock

Quote: "Illusions will take you right down the rabbit hole".

By Jennifer Layton

If my mom were this open-minded and mystic-oriented, I’d wonder what she was putting in her Maxwell House every morning. Kim Buchanan, a wholesome-looking mother of two, is already causing a buzz up and down the East Coast and on with her dreamy, trippy take on folk music. Her second CD, Illusions, will take you right down the rabbit hole. And I’m not kidding – she covers Grace Slick’s “White Rabbit.” I really wish I could have overheard her take on the “say no to drugs” talk most parents have to give their kids.

Illusions is folk rock with a psychedelic edge and a soothing, meditative effect on the emotions. It also shows off Buchanan’s interesting angle on songwriting. “No Heart at All,” for example, directs one verse at the co-dependent wife of a man who abuses his children:

You’ve convinced yourself you’re righteous,
and he’s shaping them with love,
but that cruel and heinous treatment
shows that he’s got no heart at all.

She also shows a spirited sense of humor by teaming up with daughters Casey and Ashley on “Dress Code.” She throws in another beautifully done cover song, George Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” She croons wordlessly in the mellow instrumental “Speechless Peace.”

She tries everything. “See Me” picks up the tempo a little with a shuffle-beat country groove and violin. She blends ocean sounds into the title track. Through it all, her voice resonates from the soul of a muse.

Illusions is a beautiful musical journey into a new direction for folk music. Kids, you may want to supervise your parents while listening to this one.

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