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. . . Buchanan has delivered a musical package that beams with soul and sensitivity. Her songwriting is smooth and fluid, with lyrics fitting the cosmic, haunting and stormy backgrounds created by equally fine musicians. . . The production quality is exceptional and is best appreciated with headphones on. Singer Magazine
". . . This is a lushly produced collection of songs, with violin, flute, bass, guitar, and Kim's percussionist, Jubal.  It is a collection of moods, from sad to outraged to searching.  She offers versions of "White Rabbit" and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" here, as well as a few instrumental pieces.  Very nice, and quite different from a lot of what's out there. "   
Jim Graves, host of 'Free Flight', WFSS 91.9 FM.

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Click on song titles for lyrics, and audio 

1. Illusions ( 3:44) 2. Inescapable Revelations (3:34) 3. White Rabbit  Grace Slick  (2:53)
4. No Heart (6:28) 5. Speechless Peace (3:22) 

6. Borderline Minds (4:26)

7. See Me (3:56) 8. Dress Code (3:32) 9. Shango (:39)
10. High Anxiety (3:56) 11. While my Guitar Gently Weeps George Harrison  (5:31) 12. His Haunting (1:56)
  13. She Moved Through the Fair traditional Celtic  (4:04) 14. At Last  (:54)

The Players
Jubal - percussion
Michael Hsu - violin, guitar
Robin Cape - bass ( Dress Code)
Scott Ainslie - slide guitar (Dress Code)
Casey Buchanan - violin (Speechless Peace)
Kim Buchanan - guitar, vocal, bass & percussion
Mastered by Brent Lambert @ The Kitchen, Chapel Hill, NC




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